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B.E. CHABOT - Communications and Etiquette - Building Confidence for Life
Programs giving your teens an edge in the world for a lifetime.

The gift of placing the world in their hands.Give your teen the very best gift you can offer: a focused, specialty seminar designed solely to provide them with life skills that will give them the edge time and time again.

Students will develop skills that will provide never-ending value, along with improved confidence, making a strong impression and achieving their goals.

Now is the time, while teens and young adults are still in our care to provide them with as much preparation for adulthood as possible.

My seminars consist of having a relaxed, interactive dialogue about how a society functions well, the importance of treating people with respect, the teen's role in society, valuing others and living with integrity. They will also be given knowledge of the "finer skills" and social graces to help them on their way.

Most importantly however, I will provide them with a toolbox of methods to help them navigate through various situations they will encounter in high school and university. This toolbox will last a lifetime.

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."
B.B. King

*** Custom personalized seminars for your teen are available upon request.

Seminars are listed below. Special group rates are available.

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Essential Communication Tools
A powerful program giving young adults the necessary communication tools to navigate their future with confidence. Program contents include giving and receiving feedback, negotiation skills, making and declining requests,tough conversations, apologies, thinking on their feet and critical thinking, small talk, written communication, utilizing technology and more. Another important topic in this program covers "The Work Ethic Explained", which clarifies expectations in the working world and teaches how to use the work ethic to their advantage.
Program covers 3 weeks of 1 1/2 hour sessions each.
Price is $290.00 pp

Dining and Social Etiquette
A delightful, fun program teaching teens about dining out with manners and grace at nice restaurants and functions such as graduations, weddings, banquets etc.  Teens will learn table manners, use of cutlery and napkins, the difference between the American and the Continental method of dining and more. They will learn what is appropriate attire for various events, all about the art of small talk, shaking hands, introductions and how to join and exit a conversation.
Program consists of 2 hours classroom training plus
2 hours dining in a fine restaurant.
Special Price includes the meal.  $225.00 pp

Deportment, Grooming and Attire plus Etiquette and Manners for Success
A program giving teens and young adults clear direction on the importance of grooming, deportment and proper attire plus the use of etiquette skills and manners to reach their goals in the business world.Topics include first impressions, affect, body language, nonverbal communication, good grooming and hygiene, proper attire, tact and discretion, rudeness, please, thank you and your welcome, apologies, saying "no", skillful conversations, table manners, dining out, cyber civility and social networking, the importance of people, interviewing skills and more.
Program covers 4 weeks of 1 1/2 hour sessions each.
Price is $390.00 pp

Other Programs Available:

Choosing a Career That Works for You

Individuality - Feeling Good About Yourself

Respect and Personal Dignity

University College Prep - Keeping You Safe

Programs may be combined or custom programs designed.  Group rates are available.

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