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Training and Coaching Modules for Your Company

Each program is customized to your unique needs. I offer both group training and individual staff coaching sessions. Business needs vary from front line employees in sales or customer service to supervisory staff and upper management perhaps needing guidance on employee relations including methods of communicating effectively and respectfully.

Most organizations have Company Policies in place but no longer have an Employee Handbook outlining expectations regarding conduct, dress codes, etc. I can design your program to incorporate and highlight your own Policies and assist you in establishing a Handbook if desired.

I utilize a four-step, proprietary, proven approach to teaching people business etiquette.  The four steps begin with an assessment to pinpoint your specific needs, followed by the creation of a custom training or coaching plan to cover the needs identified. The third step is coaching or training to success and the fourth step is a no-cost follow up assessment two months after training.

"We cannot always oblige; but we can always speak obligingly."

Below is a list of Modules covering individual topics. Training and coaching programs are designed by combining modules that fit your needs. The Basic Business Manners Module is included in all plans.

Customer service industry programs are completely customized to suit.  ( Airlines, Restaurants, Retail etc.)

Basic Business Manners
  • titles of respect
  • hierarchy of introductions
  • the handshake
  • please, thank you and your welcome
  • consideration and respect
  • punctuality
  • rudeness
  • confidentiality

Communication Skills
  • skillful conversations
  • voice control and modulation
  • the art of small talk
  • listening skills
  • critical thinking
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • giving and receiving criticism and praise
  • discretion and consideration
  • how to say "no"
  • managing conflict
Electronic Communication
  • cell phone use in business
  • texting guidelines
  • proper business email use

Business Wardrobe
  • company image
  • professional business attire
  • classic clothing for men and women
  • clean, pressed and polished
  • dress-down disasters
  • shoes
  • suits
  • casual, business casual, dress-down attire
  • semi-formal, formal, black tie, white tie
  • uniforms
  • accessories
  • hairstyles and make-up

  • attire
  • affect
  • 1st impressions
  • grooming
  • eye contact
  • non-verbal communication
  • body language
  • manners

Business Social Functions
  • proper social attire
  • introductions
  • the handshake with eye contact
  • rules of social drinking
  • attending a party
  • ordering at a restaurant
  • table manners
  • dining skills (American or Continental)
  • how to correctly use a napkin
  • the art of small talk
  • how to join in or leave a conversation
  • cell phone use at a social function
  • listening skills
  • drinking and driving

Business Protocols
  • confidentiality
  • punctuality
  • behaviour at meetings
  • running successful meetings
  • gift giving and receiving
  • handling distracting behaviour in the office
  • lunchroom etiquette
  • mistakes and apologies
  • workplace civility
  • client/customer awareness
  • good customer service
  • handling difficult customers

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