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The Basics

This new program is concise and targeted, designed for Grade 12 students preparing for University, College or entering the workforce. This affordable, one evening class will give "basic" tools and life skills to allow confidence in a variety of situations the individual will find themselves in as they go forward.

The term "Business" is used here as it covers life in the real world, whether it is University, College or the workforce.
As adults, there is an expectation to act business-like if you wish to get ahead at all.

This program covers the basics in Business Manners, Business Protocols, Deportment, Attire, Business Communication Skills and Business Social Functions.

For more information on this  one evening, one-of-a-kind program or to book a space, contact Brenda at 519 943 6343 or email at info@canadian class.com

Fee is $75.00 per person.

"Success will never lower it's standard to accommodate us; we have to raise our standard to achieve it."

Is your baby off to university this fall?
We can help keep them safe.

We offer a unique program specifically designed to give your young university or college bound adult (baby !!) the necessary communication and behavioural tools to navigate their future more safely and with confidence.

The program includes the power in saying "no", pride in individuality, social safety, cyber safety, street safety, fire safety, bullying, first impressions, proper attire for different occasions, interview skills, the skill of negotiating, ability to handle constructive criticism and tough conversations, the art of small talk and more.

For more information on this one-of-a-kind program or to book a space for your dear one, contact Brenda at
519 943 6343 or info@canadianclass.com

"A tough lesson in life that one has to learn is that not everybody wishes you well."
Dan Rather

Teen & Young Adult Category

When is the best time to prepare your teens for the realities of life outside the home?

Are you worried about your tween entering high school or your teen going off to university?  It is a fact that both the high school and university environments are full of situations posing potential danger to your child.

Despite your best efforts to date in raising your child, we all know that it is a very different and challenging new world that they are entering.  They need a set of tools they can use with confidence in the varied situations they will soon encounter.  They need these tools before they arrive on day one.

The best time to arm them is in Grade 8 and Grade 12.  Once they reach these grades they know change is coming. They are both excited and nervous. They will be receptive to be given a toolbox of methods to assist them in all situations. It is the best pre-graduation gift you could ever give them.

It will make you feel more confident knowing they have had the opportunity to learn a little about "real life" before facing it alone.

Call now for more information and to book a space for your child.

Brenda Chabot
519 943 6343

Business Category

Does your office image look like this?

Are your new hires hurting your Company's image ?

Do you worry about the loss of manners and etiquette
in the workplace and how it is affecting your business relationships ?

New employees right out of university have not had the opportunity to learn proper business etiquette, from how to behave in a meeting or the office environment, eating with proper manners when dining out with potential clients, using social media safely and properly in the business setting or even the basics such as the hierarchy of introductions. 

You are not alone.  Brenda Chabot Business Etiquette Training can help you by helping your employees learn the skills to take your business to the next level.  My business etiquette training and coaching programs cover all aspects of professional, respectful behaviour, including customer service, client relationships plus online communication protocols ensuring your new employees represent your company and enhance your image.

These programs are very relevant in today's world.  They have impact and create results, ensuring your new hires are part of the solution and not the problem.

"Politeness and consideration for others is like investing pennies and getting dollars back."
Thomas Sowell

Business Category

Why Invest in Etiquette Training for Your Business ?

Are employee etiquette issues costing you money ?  Businesses always face competition.

Manners and etiquette are proven keys to success in business.

Such a simple statement ... and don't we all know our manners ?  Our fast paced world laced with electronic methods of communications has robbed us of the very basic methods of communicating with manners, respect and kindness. My Business Etiquette Training is all about helping us preserve that all important human element in a civil society. By training, (or re-training), adults in the basic "rules" of manners, etiquette and business protocols, you are setting the stage for your business to grow with enhanced customer/client retention as well as respect leading to solid referrals for future growth.

"Success will never lower it's standard to accommodate us; we have to raise our standard to achieve it."     Unknown

Benefits of Business Etiquette Training

  • Improved image for your business = greater success (first impressions do count)
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved customer/client relationships
  • Better morale resulting in higher productivity
  • Improved internal communications
  • Improved internal talent retention

Factors Limiting Your Company's Success

  • Poor employee manners on the phone, when dealing with customers and dining with potential clients
  • Lack of a professional image for your company
  • Inappropriate attire
  • Poor verbal and non-verbal skills towards other employees or clients and business partners
  • Employee inability to manage difficult customers
  • Employee lack of online etiquette
Instead of "dress-down" Fridays for charity ~ why not try "dress-up" days once a month fashioned after Madmen 1960's office attire !!

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